Every team member is working as a volunteer; no one receives a salary or payment for their work, which helps keep costs down and allows us to pass donations on to those in need

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Scott Stevens

Dr. Stevens is a practicing ophthalmologist who performs nearly 500 cataract surgeries each year.  He sees firsthand how cataract surgery can change lives literally overnight. He is also fascinated with cryptocurrencies and the potential they have to change the world we live in, and closely follows several crypto projects. 


Bryce Wilberger

Bryce is a CPA with experience dealing with cryptocurrencies and the nuances of tax law related to the crypto space.  Bryce is serving on the board of directors for Blockchain Benevolence and will be doing the accounting.  See our tax resources page for contact information if you are interested in contacting Bryce for help with your personal tax situation related to cryptocurrency holdings.


Josh Guest

Josh is a practicing attorney who will serve as the Treasurer for Blockchain Benevolence.  He has served as Treasurer for the Klamath County Bar Association in the past.