Blockchain Benevolence is Happy to announce our partnership with the Pause For app!

Pause For is a wellness and productivity app that encourages people to put down their phones for a period of time in order to focus on other aspects of their lives.  The user can select how long of a "Pause" they wish to take, and if they successfully complete the Pause without using their phone, they are rewarded with an amount of cryptocurrency named Kin.  The longer the pause, the more Kin is rewarded; for example a Pause of 10 minutes rewards 100 Kin, while a Pause of 1 hour rewards 600 Kin.  "Pausing" your phone does not disable incoming calls or messages but if you access your phone to answer a call or message, you do not get credit for your "pause."

Once a user has accumulated enough Kin, they may donate the Kin directly through the app to one of several charitable causes, which now includes !  The price for funding a cataract surgery is 7500 Kin, which is being subsidized by Blockchain Benevolence. 

For now, Pause For is only available for Iphone, click here to access it in the app store.  It should be available for Android devices soon!    Check it out and start earning cryptocurrency for!